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About us

Working in networks, within the company and with a wide variety of actors, is, in our opinion, the most relevant way to build efficent solutions for the future. In an increasingly complex world, only the most innovative organizations are able to tackle to new challenges. This adaptability is the hallmark of start-up, but also of large companies who choose to bet on collaborative innovation.

“Our job: to help companies upgrade their innovation process, making it open and collaborative”

Richard Biquillon, Mathieu Lafaye et Samuel Nakache



In July, Yoomap is acquired by Questel group (one of the world leaders in intellectual property solutions). It enables Yoomap softwares to be sold internationally under the Orbit brand (USA, Switzerland, Morocco, Congo…). Yoomap reaches 100 customers!


Since 2014, Yoomap has grown from 3 to 35 employees, from 0 to 80 customers, from a barge in Saint-Cloud to a pleasant office in the Opera district.


Yoomap was created from this observation and great encounters with Samuel Nakache, an expert in the software world and multi-entrepreneur, and Mathieu Lafaye, a specialist in business development in the IT sector.


After 10 years working for innovation at Veolia, where he managed the start-up program, Richard Biquillon realized how crucial it was to modernize the innovation processes of large companies through a collaborative and open approach.